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Trainer Tip #5

on Tuesday, 24 June 2014.

Client Training Question

Question: I hope you and your family are well. I was having some trouble with heeling. Bella has started to move further back while heeling. Instead of her shoulder being inline with my knee she has started lining her head with my knee. I couldn't pick up on this earlier and I think I have taught her that it's okay to do that. I tried to correct her by speeding up and encouraging her to move forward but she ends up reverting back to her head in line with my knee. Thank you for your help, Arham.

Answer: I appreciate that you have contacted us for help. It shows that you are serious about keeping your dog handling skills sharp. Because there could be a number of things causing your dog to lag behind you, I highly recommend that you send me a video of you doing the obedience routine I showed you so that I can get a good perspective of whats going on. If you are not balancing properly, not praising and rewarding the dog enough/properly, the dog will lag behind. If you are working the dog when it is too hot outside, it can also cause lagging. If you are going to use a ball to motivate the dog, use it at the very end of the training and a little during your routine. If you continue to have trouble, I will have my Dad put you on his schedule so that I can give you a private lesson. Richard "RJ" Hoppe, Trainer

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