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Trainer Tip #3

on Thursday, 12 June 2014.

Dear Trainer,

I never had my dog on a leash but my apt. complex has mandated that all dogs must be walked on a leash now.  How close to my body should I keep my dog when walking?
Laura M, Charlotte SC
You should walk your dog in Heel position, which is for the dog to be on your left side with shoulders even with the left leg. If your dog has been used to being off leash - they might not like the controlled position. The video shows a dog with training demonstrating the Heel with automatic sit. We recommend a professional trainer to help the transition be easier for you & your dog. Once you learn Heel, there are other commands that can be used in an informal setting.  Ted Hoppe
Here is a video to help guide you.  
rj video
Author: Jill Pavel
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