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Trainer Tip #1

on Wednesday, 09 April 2014.

What is the Most Important Item you can recommend for training my German Shepherd Puppy?


The most important housebreaking tool is the crate. The crate provides a safe place to let the puppy rest & also to help schedule  successful trips outside to potty, as most puppies will not soil their den. You will use the crate the most in the first 2 weeks. Don't feel guilty! Always take the puppy outside to the same spot as soon as leaving the crate in the morning or during the day., especially after meals as well.  If the puppy gets distracted & does not go potty, return to the crate & let them out 15. minutes later.  Avoiding a negative behavior pattern of soiling in the house by using the crate is one of many steps to help make housebreaking successful very quickly & least stressful for puppy & owner. Always reward good behavior with a treat or just praise.    

Congratulations on your  new puppy!  RJ Hoppe

April 10th 2014:  In Response to Patricia's question, here is a piciture of a plastic airline crate


Author: Jill Pavel

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