Why German Shepherds make the best Family Protection Dog

on Monday, 10 May 2010. Posted in German Shepherd Puppies

People ask us our recommendation in selecting the right breed for Family Protection/ Companion Dog. First, we would like to say that many times individual temperament / personality is as important as the breed and poor temperament can be found in any breed. Here are some of our reasons for choosing the German Shepherd for most situations as the best Family Protection Dog .

  1. Because the criminal recognizes the German Shepherd as a Police Dog , this adds greatly to the deterrent effect a German Shepherd has in comparison to a Labrador (a breed developed for hunting)
  2. Most versatile of all breeds – intelligent, trainable- catches on quickly and retains commands. German Shepherds have many uses. Police, Military , Seeing Eye, Detection Dogs, herding dogs, sport dogs, Service Dogs and area guard dogs.
  3. Very tolerant of small children. Very in-tune with the owner also alert, naturally defensive of territory and pack, good sense of duty.
  4. Ability to adapt- the US Military’s preferred dog is the German Shepherd for various reasons but importantly it’s ability to adapt to new handlers.
  5. These traits are or should be characteristic of the well bred German Shepherd Dog. We place and have trained many such dogs for families and have had the most success with this breed over all others and we owned and have trained too many breeds to mention over the last 25 years.
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