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Why GatorlandK9 Malinois Make a Great Family Dog

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At GatorlandK9 Malinois we take the time to listen to our perspective clients. We evaluate each clients needs taking into consideration their needs, desires and goals.  A family companion dog is a different selection process than a police/military/sporting dog prospect.  

We have a stellar success rate for matching our GatorlandK9 puppies to families. Our malinois puppies are socialized from a very early age with environment as well as with other animals, children and adults.  We socialize the pups in public venues as well. 

We emphasize the importance of training the malinois puppies from an early age as it establishes a proper pack boss/buddy relationship and develops proper communication with your dog.  

We welcome you to read our testimonials and feel free to ask us any questions about our  GatorlandK9 Malinois Puppies.  Contact via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 386-337-0730. 

We recently placed Presley with Brittany M. this month here is what Brittany had to share on our facebook page

Brittany M. & Presley


I had been researching and looking around for the past couple years to prepare myself getting a malinois. I would inquire multiple breeders here and there to just get an idea of price and advice and ask questions. Not one responded, except Ted Hoppe. Last month I was doing one of my random searches of malinois breeders located within my maximum travel distance. Ted called me minutes after I submitted an inquiry from his webpage. We spoke at great length about many things regarding the breed, how he breeds, his background, etc. Ted offered advice, kindness and trust just within this 45min call. I originally was looking for an all black female malinois puppy, but after speaking with Ted, I changed my mind. After the call ended he texted me photos of one of his female puppies and I immediately fell in love and on a whim, told him I’d take her. Now remember I was just poking around expecting to wait for a litter and get advice ....

We set a date and I drove 9 hours to meet her.

When you get a puppy from Ted, it’s not a transaction. It’s an experience.

He and and his son, RJ, showed me my puppy’s mother, father, and grandfather. Had the two males showcase what they’re capable of and how well trained and social and smart and handsome they are. It was beyond a doubt the most rewarding and awesome experience.

He brought out two puppies, one being from the photos and another female slightly bigger and blonder. BOTH were amazing. But I had been looking at Presley’s photos (that’s what I named her) everyday since he sent them so I had to take her.

Fast forward to now, a month since having Presley in my life. Everyday has been amazing. She is the most perfect Belgian malinois. Absolutely perfect. I work an animal hospital and everyone loves her. She’s extremely social and is quick to learn. In fact, just the other day, our behavior specialist finally met her, and she’s not a sugar coating kind of doctor. Very blunt and will tell you straight up what you’re doing wrong if she sees behavior issues. Dr. Radosta was nothing but impressed and blown away by Presley. After asking questions about why I wanted a mal and who the breeder was , she stated “well, your breeder bred you a beautiful malinois”. And she wasn’t only talking about appearances, she meant her temperament and how social and curious and outgoing she is.

So to wrap this novel up, if you are thinking about getting a malinois, and you’re comparing breeders or whatever.. just stop. You will never find a better choice than Gatorlandk9 for your mal. Everything they say they can backup. Ted and his son are always available before and after you get your dog with any questions , concerns, advice by phone, text, email. Truly amazing, smart, educated, experienced breeders. You’d be missing out on the pup of a lifetime if you go elsewhere. I promise.  Brittnay M.

For more infomation contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (386) 337-0730

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