Dog Building As A Dog Training Concept

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When we train & handle dogs, we establish pack hierarchy or being a pack leader through obedience. Dog training is communicating with your dog, so when we learn handling skills or training skills, we learn communication skills.

Dog Training Concepts - Part 1

We are patient, consistent, assertive & have clearly defined goals in each training session. We know what we want to accomplish & we build our training piece by piece.

The Germans call this Hundeausbildung or Dog building.

This is an accurate term for how I train & I learned the concept in 1985 while I was in Germany.

TedIrrk 400The foundation of our training here at GatorlandK9 is the most important & should be as solid as possible.

As a professional trainer, I train a lot of dogs every week. If I take out between 3-6 dogs for morning obedience, they are at different levels of building. If I have a completely green dog, I have a different goal than one who is more advanced.

The first thing I work on is making the dog focus on me for obedience; there are different methods to accomplish getting the dog to focus on the handler.  Some people use food & some the ball. 

Food is great for teaching dogs if you have a dog who is food motivated, as is the ball, for ball motivated dogs.

Many times, environmental stress or distractions will make it difficult to get a dog or puppy to focus. I want my dogs to focus on me quickly.

I use a technique called Following.

Stay tuned for the next part of this series...
Dog Training Concepts - Part 2: The Theory of Following
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