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Picking A Level of Protection Dog Training

on Friday, 25 January 2013. Posted in German Shepherds, Protection Dogs, Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs

After researching protection dogs on the Internet and feeling totally confused, people often ask what level of protection training my dogs have? It’s like they are trying to compare the deluxe model with leather interior, power windows and all of the bells and whistles vs. the basic model. Buying a dog that you can trust with your family is something entirely different than buying a car.

You should ask yourself ‘What is my handling ability/experience?’ ‘What do I need in a dog?’ ‘What is the right dog for my situation?

Communicate your needs and describe what you expect from the dog. A good trainer will take the time to listen to your needs and try to get a feel if he has the right dog for your situation.

Most people and families need an excellent quality animal with a good obedience foundation and basic protection that is useful and practical. A trained dog is not a vicious dog. It is confident and approachable. You don’t want a dog that is aggressive to the point of being a liability. You need a very forgiving dog, your children can pet it and it does not feel threatened. In the Military and Police K-9 schools, the handlers are matched with the right dog for that individual. The same will hold true for matching a protection/companion dog with the individual needs of that person or family.

The proper temperament for a family protection dog is something a dog is born with. Dogs, like people have their own personalities, i.e. a very alpha/aggressive dog is not a good choice for a family companion dog. It is possible to find a very well trained dog that looks good and acts good in its training environment but is entirely different when you bring it home.

You need a good instructor to show you how to maintain a protection dog’s training. You need to acquire training/handling skills. This is all part of our service. So when selecting a dog for family protection, be less concerned about levels or bells and whistles, and more on individual personality and traits of the dog.

Why Import Your Next German Shepherd

on Tuesday, 15 January 2013. Posted in German Shepherds

In the US, a person with 2 registered dogs can breed them regardless of their individual qualities and receive AKC papers. These dogs may have floppy ears, hip dysplasia, and poor temperament, be nervous, gun shy, fear biters and the owner of the litter will still receive full registration privileges on all of the puppies. In short quality control is non existent in the states.

This does not mean that there are no good breeders of German Shepherds, there are many breeders who have knowledge of the genetics of the breed and x-ray their breeding stock. The German Shepherd breeders in the US who breed quality dogs, practice the European standards but these breeders are in the vast minority, so yes it’s possible to buy a quality German Shepherd in this country but hard to find.

The breeding of German Shepherds as done in Europe is an entirely different affair and uses the following quality control standards.

1. All dogs must have a hip certification ( 'A' stamp )  by a qualified veterinarian.

2. All dogs must have a conformation rating. It is important that they look like German Shepherds and conform to the standards.

3. Each dog certified for breeding must also have a working title, like Schutzhund , IPO , SVV or ZVV. This is very important because it assures to a certain degree that drives and temperament remain true as required of a working dog which the German Shepherd was originally bred to be. It requires a lot of effort on the part of the owner to achieve a working title as required in Europe. A puppy must be schooled from a young age in tracking, obedience and sport oriented protection work.

4. All dogs must also go through a breed survey called a Koer in Germany or Bonitacia in Slovakia, in which many individual qualities are evaluated, and where they are rated and approved or disapproved for breeding. This is extremely important as the dog is truly put under the scrutiny of experts.

These 4 requirements are necessary for 2 dogs to be bred and receive Pink papers.

Quality control standards are why someone should choose an Imported German Shepherd or one that is bred from imported bloodlines. Our German Shepherds excel as Family Protection Dogs, PTSD Veterans Service Dogs, Service Therapy Protection Dogs & just excellent Family Companion Dogs. 

The German Shepherd breed is considered the most versatile and useful of all breeds. No other breed works in so many varied services to the degree of the German Shepherd. Quality control standards assure the buyer that they will receive a well bred dog, who is intelligent, loyal and mentally/physically sound.

Our Newest Import Family Protection Dogs!

on Sunday, 11 July 2010. Posted in German Shepherd Puppies

We are proud to present our new custom selected Imports on the Adult Dog page of the website.

Ted has outdone himself and selected the finest family protection dog prospects we have ever had at one time. Cevil, Toby Togy are ready to go to their perfect homes and Rex is a young adult Import who will be receiving our specialized training here at GatorlandK9.

Check back often for more new pictures added to the puppy page and for more new videos added to the site.

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Puppies will be available from Kanses (left). He is a proven producer of WOW DOGS!! He produces good hips, bear-like heads, superior temperament, size, color and conformation.

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Why German Shepherds make the best Family Protection Dog

on Monday, 10 May 2010. Posted in German Shepherd Puppies

People ask us our recommendation in selecting the right breed for Family Protection/ Companion Dog. First, we would like to say that many times individual temperament / personality is as important as the breed and poor temperament can be found in any breed. Here are some of our reasons for choosing the German Shepherd for most situations as the best Family Protection Dog .

  1. Because the criminal recognizes the German Shepherd as a Police Dog , this adds greatly to the deterrent effect a German Shepherd has in comparison to a Labrador (a breed developed for hunting)
  2. Most versatile of all breeds – intelligent, trainable- catches on quickly and retains commands. German Shepherds have many uses. Police, Military , Seeing Eye, Detection Dogs, herding dogs, sport dogs, Service Dogs and area guard dogs.
  3. Very tolerant of small children. Very in-tune with the owner also alert, naturally defensive of territory and pack, good sense of duty.
  4. Ability to adapt- the US Military’s preferred dog is the German Shepherd for various reasons but importantly it’s ability to adapt to new handlers.
  5. These traits are or should be characteristic of the well bred German Shepherd Dog. We place and have trained many such dogs for families and have had the most success with this breed over all others and we owned and have trained too many breeds to mention over the last 25 years.

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