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Interview with Ted Hoppe, Importer of German Shepherds

on Sunday, 27 March 2016. Posted in German Shepherds

Interview with Ted Hoppe

ted owner
Q:  Ted how did you get into importing German Shepherds? 
When I got out of the Airforce in 1982 I did quite a bit of training in South Florida with trainers who had imported dogs from Europe.  I noticed there was a vast quality difference between Imported German Shepherds an American bred German Shepherds.
Q.  Ted can you elaborate on the differences? 
Upon research of the dogs in europe, specifically from Germany I found that the quality control standards for breeding dogs in Germany was very evolved as opposed to the breeding practices in America.  In europe dogs have to meet very stringent criteria and be licensed before they can be bred, so not only do they have to fit into the german standard for the breed but they also have to work.
Q:  What do you mean by work?
Ted: A Working title is required in Germany for breeding.
Q:  Ted, what is a title? 
Schutzhund a title means that someone raised the puppy and trained it in the discipline  of the Schutzhund sport.  Schutzhund sport is three phase sport with the following phase: Tracking, Obedience & Protection work with points given in each category.  In order to be a bred a dog also has to have a conformation rating. Their hips and elbows must be certified and many other items are evaluated before it is okay for the dog to receive the breeding license, of course this is a lot of work and takes time and dedication.  In america most people who breed German Shepherds  aren't aware of proper breeding practices or they do not want to put forth the effort that our German counterparts do in their breeding practices. Also there is a collective of knowledge that exists in Europe regarding the genetics of German Shepherd dogs, that does not exist here in the U.S; specifically blood lines and their strength and weaknesses.
Most breeders in America only require akc registry to breed their dogs.They do not bother to x-ray hips or elbows nor do not bother to do any working or temperament testing on their dogs. the dogs produced in Europe come from many generation of dogs who have received working degrees. So in essence it boils down to quality control standards that have been set in place for many years in Europe.
Q.  When did you import your first dog and do you remember their name? 
Ted: I lived in Germany as a civilian in 1985 while I was learning to be a  Schitzhund  helper  for the guy who builds the Schitzhund dog for the protection phase of the sport.  The helper is the man who wears the arm sleeve/scratch pants and works with the handler and trainer to build the dogs confidence for the protection work.  This is an art form in regards to dog training. I imported my first dog "Argus" who was a Schitzhund 3 .  He was the son of the Great "Jupp".  When I saw Argus it was love at first sight.  
Q.  What was it about Argus that drew you in?
He had a very large powerful expressive head, excellent  color pigment, superior movement and he was fearless.  He was social outgoing and confident.  He met all the criteria that one would look for in a German Shepherd and to boot he was drop dead gorgeous and he could work!  I sold this dog to a buyer in the United States and it was very hard for me to let him go because I liked him so much.
During my time in Germany I  saw many fine dogs and met great people.  My mother was German, I grew up in Berlin so i learned German as a second language which enabled me to learn about the breed.  I would endeavor throughout my career  to import the quality dogs that I worked with in Europe.
In the future as in the past I will strive to bring only the absolute finest import German Shepherds from my partners in Europe.  One of the things about GatorlandK9 International  that sets us apart form our other dog providers is our partnerships in Europe and the friendships and trust that have developed over many years. 
We have loyal customers who are coming to GatorlandK9 International  for their 3rd and 4th dogs since the inception of my business. 

Celebrating GatorlandK9 Alumni

on Thursday, 09 July 2015. Posted in German Shepherds

Special Edition #1

With over 25 years of service under our belts, one of the most gratifying things we celebrate is the joy our GatorlandK9 Import German Shepherds and GatorlandK9 Malinois Dogs bring to our clients.  We love the pictures and stories you share with us so we want to share them with all of you!  

Thank you for sending in your pictures, here is our first Alumni Special Edition!

 Graduation cap 6

ori irie ursajake titan

jack artemis and atilla






Thank You for allowing us to share your memories

Author: Jill Pavel 

Remembering Kodiak

on Tuesday, 20 January 2015. Posted in German Shepherds

We not only celebrate the milestones of accomplishments of our GatorlandK9 German Shepherds we also celebrate their lives.  Kodiak went over the Rainbow Bridge.  He is memorialized here by his family.  Rest Peacefully Kodiak and THANK YOU for your years of service to your family.


Dear Ted,
Ten years ago My husband and I called you with a problem and you gave us a beautiful, furry solution. 
As a military family we move often and had moved to a rural area into a newly built home. Unfortunately this home being built upset a local man who decided to stalk us and our teenage daughters to tell us of his unhappiness, that the house had been built on land he liked to consider his own. Not that he owned it or even for that matter had any gainful employment. He frightened us. He was armed.The police told us that there was not a whole lot that could be done. We had a restraining order, we had extra patrols but really we were on our own.
Then Kodiak moved in. He was a visible presence in the yard and while we were training outside as well.  We ran together first thing in the morning and he was very clearly a serious dog. We loved him and he quickly became a part of the family.
The girls taught him to eat whipped cream.  He learned more tricks and traveled with us every where we went. Transfers took us from Eastern Pennsylvania to Virginia to Florida, back to Central Pennsylvania and to Maryland. He discovered the beach, the art of looking intimidating and was smarter than any dog we ever met. While traveling he either drew people to us to ask about him or kept them away, all of which we appreciated. He was wonderful with strange children who often ran up to him. But if he did not like you (as you told us Ted he had a scum bag detector) you knew it in a subtle but clear way.
Two serious events come to mind where our protector made his imprint on us. We often traveled back and forth from our home to where Doug was stationed at the ship. One late night we stopped at a quiet travel rest stop. It appeared to be empty but hearing you tell me to bring the dog everywhere I went, Kodiak and I went into the ladies room. I asked him to search and he did. When he sat down to show me there was a problem in the what I thought to be an empty rest room, I was shocked. But there was a man hiding in a stall, standing on the toilet in the ladies room. I put Kodiak to guard and called 911. When the troopers came they all said that they did not believe me that I had the man trapped and that they had been looking for this man for months. The man kept saying that I should just take the dog and go.
The second story is that with any home we had to have contractors come to fix things or to do work at the house. One time I had hired a handy man and Kodiak was clearly not liking the guy. Kodiak stayed between the man and me everywhere the guy went and finally the man said to me, “I don’t think your dog likes me”. I agreed. The work was completed and was fine. When my neighbor asked about the handy man I said he was fine. He came on time etc. but by the way my dog did not like him.  She hired the same man to work for her and she was robbed. Enough said.
Our beloved Kodiak died last week and we wanted you to know how his wonderful training and fun personality affected our lives. This was by far the best dog. He was a serious one though. Never once got onto the furniture and although happy to be petted and scratched, he was not a snuggly pet. He was trained so well that we took him on board navy ships, into the hospital and often took him to work with me too. He protected us all and took his “job” seriously. We will miss him terribly.
Ted we cannot thank you enough!
Douglas Harrington
Constance Morrison
 kodiak 2
Author: Jill Pavel

Thank You 2014

on Wednesday, 31 December 2014. Posted in Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd Puppies, Malsatians, Veterans with PTSD, German Shepherds, Protection Dogs, Puppies, Service Dogs, Service Protection Dog training


We had such a wonderful year with all of you we wanted to take a minute to share some of the highlights of 2014!


brad sable

We started off with this delicious Red Sable Puppy.  Brad Hoppe is overseeing the puppy love!

josh hero

 Thanks to your generosity we placed Service Protection Dog "Hero"

with Veteran Josh S. 

cory hs

Singer/Songwriter Cory Singer performed on our behalf at an event in New Jersey to help raise funds for veterans.


10153850 10152303875827236 499140772 n

  1491692 10152374342197236 7091909136363452731 n

We had some amazing puppies come through GatorlandK9 this year

on their way to new homes!

10271509 10152400640907236 4245282770576397253 n

 Some of our German Shepherd Service Dogs became world travelers.  We have enjoyed the travels of Jessi the Service Dog this past year!  Here she is with her handler in Europe!

Sarah Buxton and Naya


Country Music Star Sarah Buxton honored GatorlandK9 

by awarding our "Naya" the Service Dog of The Year Award

presented by Heart Songs for Veterans in Nashville, TN

Jill Pavel, Founder of Heart Songs for Veterans

Presented our Service Dog Program with a $ 2000.00 donation from the event.

10613039 10152626672512236 1930042012940200076 n

 Endy Found a Forever Home with our new friend Jane Saul!


10881876 10152910767132236 8049376743929708181 n

 We continue to celebrate Gatorland Malinois.  This is one of our alumni Mela.

We look forward to celebrating 2015 with all of you!!  Meet Taimon he will be arriving at GatorlandK9 International soon!

Contact Ted Hoppe (386) 337-0730 or email Ted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Happy New Year!

Author: Jill Pavel 

Available Import German Shepherds Puppies

on Monday, 24 November 2014. Posted in German Shepherd Puppies

Here are some of our newest imported German Shepherd puppies!If you are interested in reserving or purchasing one of these beautiful puppies

Please contact Ted  Hoppe (386) 337-0730

Meet a long haired male from Segal

german shepherd import from segal

 Female Standard Coated from Segal

female segal

A Male German Shepherd Import Puppy


 And he is off.......................


To Make a reservation please contact

Ted Hoppe (386) 337-0730

Author: Jill Pavel

Protection and Service Dogs for Women

on Friday, 24 May 2013. Posted in German Shepherds, Protection Dogs, Service Dogs

When you think of a Service or Protection Dog, what comes to mind? A beautiful German Shepherd wearing a harness with a handle, guiding a blind person or an attentive Labrador helping someone who is deaf or in a wheelchair.  We DO cater to our female clients with physical disabilities however we also cater to women who live with anxiety, ptsd and other neurological challenges.  


Jessica and Fibi

Dogs have been known as man’s best friend for a long time. Now more than ever, this is true, as we become more familiar with the human-animal bond, we find more ways that the relationship between a human and a dog can actually help to heal the human. Dogs are now visiting nursing homes and hospitals and helping to bring moments of peace and happiness to someone who is lonely or in pain.

photo 31

Jane and Endy

Any person who has been through a traumatic experience can suffer pain in the form of depression and post traumatic stress syndrome. Women who have been assaulted or abused can suffer also from repressed feelings of guilt and shame. These feelings can literally take someone’s life away. It becomes hard to perform simple tasks and going into public can become impossible without bringing on anxiety attacks. This causes the person to be isolated which aggravates the depression. A woman will also be afraid to go out alone because she can no longer trust her fellow human and she feels vulnerable.

A German Shepherd that has been specially trained to assist and protect a person can be a vital key to giving this woman her life back. The dog, if trained and certified as a Service and Protection Dog will be able to accompany the woman into all public places and help make her feel more comfortable and safe as well as being a friend to lean on if an anxiety attack should happen. The training is custom tailored to the individual client as each person has special needs and the dog will learn cues to help a person leave an uncomfortable situation.

photo 24

Suzanne with Savannah and GatorlandK9 trainer RJ Hoppe

The trainer really takes on a dual role as trainer and handler of the Service Dog during the training process and must also be familiar in helping the woman learn to handle and trust the dog and will play an important role in helping the woman to make her first trips out in public. The trainer will need to be familiar with the psychiatric needs of a patient with post traumatic stress disorder and will assist the person if they need medication or experience an anxiety attack in public. It is a lot to learn to handle the dog and deal with all of the feelings of being out in public, so the handler/trainer must assist the person if needed.

The Service Dog will become extremely bonded to its new owner, as the German Shepherd has an uncanny ability to sense the needs of a human and will adapt it’s training to very specific needs of each client.

photo 22

Client with Jessi

Contact Ted Hoppe This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

(386) 337-0730 Ted Hoppe

Author: Jill Pavel

Check out German Shepherd Training!

on Thursday, 08 May 2014. Posted in German Shepherds

Why send your dog to GatorlandK9 for training?


IMG 0191

When contemplating sending your dog away for training, there are some very important things to consider.   There are many non-reputable companies offering “boot camp” and methods of training that border on animal cruelty. 

GatorlandK9 helps make your dog’s transition and your transition as an owner seamless.  When your dog comes to GatorlandK9 he/she is a part of our family while training.  We offer references, testimonials through Facebook, our website and you can see our training techniques first hand on our exclusive you tube channel.

We establish effective training taking into consideration the goals of the owner.  Too often people send their dogs to training facilities and the dogs are signed up for a crash course aka Boot Camp. At GatorlandK9, our dogs wag their tails, are happy when they work and are consistently reliable in their performance.  A good trainer can balance negative & positive reinforcement, while keeping negative to the absolute minimal.

GatorlandK9 is a small family owned business that Imports top quality German Shepherds as well as offering professional training.  Unlike big kennels we give individual attention to each dog during training and during their rest and play time.

Ted Hoppe has been training for over 26 years.  His son RJ Hoppe is a trainer and the kennel master.

Ted and RJ will make sure your dog acclimates to its new environment prior to training which minimizes any unnecessary stress to your dog.  This initial bonding period of 4-7 days is critical; it helps establish the trust between the trainer holding the leash and the dog.

At the end of the average 2 month training period, we will do what we call intermediate/advanced level work.  All dogs are different. Like people. Some are very quick learners and some take longer, some like to work and some don’t.  We establish positive reinforcement training techniques for the dog and owner, for example; some dogs require a pat on the head with praise.  Other dogs are motivated to play with a ball and there are those dogs that are motivated with a food or a treat reward.   It is a trainer’s responsibility to ascertain what motivates the individual dog.

GatorlandK9 training starts out as fun endeavor without fear instilled in the animal.  During the training process some negative must rein however it is kept to a minimum level to inspire consistency. Dog training is not magic, it is an acquired skill that you as the dog owner must master in order to maintain the training with your dog at GatorlandK9.  We spend time with our owners establishing post training protocol.   We help you familiarize yourself with the training techniques so that you can reinforce all that your dog learned with our trainers.  That is the purpose of the handler training course that you receive when you come to pick up your dog. 

We keep in close contact with the owners even posting video progress at the halfway mark of the training period so that you can see how far your dog has come.

Remember that there are no short cuts to good training.

Author: Jill Pavel

GatorlandK9 Service Dog Honored in Nashville

on Tuesday, 15 July 2014. Posted in Veterans with PTSD, German Shepherds, Service Dogs, Service Protection Dog training

Veteran Mark Berry traveled to Nashville from his hometown of Caanan, New Hampshire with his German Shepherd Service Dog, NAYA.  During a music benefit at The Stage on Broadway presented by Heart Songs for Veterans, Marks' GatorlandK9 Service Dog Naya was awarded "Service Dog of the Year" by Country Star Sarah Buxton.

Country Singer Ashley Winters shared her song written for Mary and Naya "By Her Side".  

mark b

Country Singer Ashley Winters, Serenading Veteran Mark Berry and his GatorlandK9 International Service Dog NAYA with her original song penned in their honor "By Her Side".

Sarah Buxton and Naya

Country Star Sarah Buxton awarding GatorlandK9 International Alumni  Naya

"Service Dog of The Year" Award

photo 18

Heart Songs for Veterans of the Year SGT Eric Hunter, Artist Sam French.Todd Farmer

sam stage

L to R: Heart Songs for Veterans Andy Roadarmel, Todd Farmer (Drummer) Sam French & Brian Jones (Justine Blazer Band)

The Omni Nashville provided accomodations for Mark, Naya and Service Protection Dogs for World Peace.

To Cap the evening off a surprise donation was made to Service Protection Dogs for World Peace on behalf of Jill Pavel, Founder of Heart Songs for Veterans in the amount of $2000.00. Pavel presented the check to D. Hoppe.

 Author: Jill Pavel

Puppies Puppies Puppies

on Tuesday, 01 April 2014. Posted in German Shepherd Puppies

Every once in awhile you just have to do this!  Who doesn't love a German Shepherd Puppy? We always share our puppies on our social media pages Facebook so if you are not already a facebook friend, please enjoy some of the beautiful puppies that have graced GatorlandK9 in recent months!


female puppy available


1922050 10152276624892236 764839228 n

Visit our available puppy page and call Ted Hoppe at (386) 337-0730  if you are interested in our available puppies.

Author: Jill Pavel

Hannibal and Noro - Testimonial Protection Dog

on Monday, 03 March 2014. Posted in German Shepherds, Protection Dogs

Some Testimonials are worthy of their own place on our website!

photo 1


Dear Ted,

Noro is doing so well!  Working with him every day without fail and I use RJs training techniques which have resulted in some amazing progress. I have to reiterate that without RJ's week here I would not have had the same confidence or knowledge of the building blocks that I have used.  Even the way RJ "petted" Noro was always given mimicking an alpha's grip on the scruff while being playful--at least that is what I saw and it is only one of many things I noticed and learned to do differently just by observing RJ. Noro will do a down stay indefinitely now. His attempts to alpha out in our household are pretty much non existent now. He is, at almost 2 (mid-March) shaping up to be a pretty magnificent dog.  His house protection is stellar and he will sound a nasty alarm but go to his control pad (right where RJ placed it) usually on first command but consistently on second.

Hannibal is doing great.  Grace is in India until May so I have both dogs until then. Because of his service dog status I enjoy taking him for all store based errands. I can't take him anywhere without people telling me what a beautiful, handsome and well behaved dog he is. He remains in top form and when walking with him I feel it is what I imagine driving a Rolls Royce would be like with regard to his attention to every slight turn, acceleration of pace, etc.  A joy.

We miss you all and look forward to seeing you when we get down to Florida this year.  Please give the family my very best-


Author: Jill Pavel

RJ Hoppe - Trainer Spotlight

on Thursday, 20 February 2014. Posted in German Shepherds

GatorlandK9 & Service Protection Dog Trainer RJ Hoppe is leaving a lasting impression on our german shepherd community.

This month RJ Was spotlighted in our February 2014 Newsletter.  Here is his interview:

RJ Hoppe sat down with Marketing/PR Director Jill Pavel to talk about his career as a dog trainer at GatorlandK9.

IMG 0191

Jill:  RJ how old were you when you started working or helping at the GatorlandK9 training facilities?

RJ:  I was around 8 years old.  I would help  clean and of course play with the dogs.  

When I was 12 years old I started to help my Dad by cleaning the kennels, helping to water and of course spend time with the German shepherds.  My family has a   dedicated work ethic, my Dad taught me from an early age how to become responsible for the animals. 

Jill:  At the age of 19 years old how do you know this is your chosen career path?

RJ:  I always loved playing sports, especially soccer.  I LOVE the dogs.  I enjoy being    outdoors enjoying the fresh air and this career allows me to be with the dogs, the      outdoors and of course use my physical abilities which is necessary to be an effective dog trainer.  It’s a win/win for me.

Jill:  How many hours a day do you work?

RJ:  It varies but on most days, I’m at the kennels at 8 am, helping to water, feed and walk the dogs.  I spend approximately 4-5 hours a day training, in all it is a 8-10 hour work day.  I try to strike a balance between proper training etiquette with the dogs and allowing them to have downtime and playtime. 

Jill: How many dogs have you certified?

RJ:  I certified my first A to B dog Tebow in 2013.  In total I have helped certify at least 20 dogs.  I also help to train the service protection dogs we give to the Veterans through our programming. 

Jill:  That is admirable and we all thank you for your service to our Veterans RJ!  Tell me something about your job that people would be surprised to learn.

RJ:  Well I do get to travel.  I have conducted in home training in Virginia, Vermont, NY. I went to Europe this past fall to check on our dogs as well.  So I guess you could also add “Traveling Trainer” to my resume.

Jill:  What do you do for fun RJ? 

RJ:  I enjoy spending time with my family.  I love music, I play the guitar (bass, electric and acoustic).  I lean toward Rock music, ACDC, Ozzy Osborne & Three Days Grace.  I also enjoy surfing, the beach and fishing.

Jill:  Thank you for the interview RJ and Thank you for your hard work! 


20140216 180606-MOTION


Testimonial Letter - RJ Hoppe

Dear Ted,

I would like to thank you for allowing Bella to stay and train with R.J. Hoppe. She was quite the handful when we attempted to train her ourselves. She was attentive to us only if we had some type of treat for her in hand. It was extremely difficult to keep her attention while we were training. Giving her a command in public places was useless, as her attention was always elsewhere. However, after picking her up from you last week, it is unbelievable the changes she has been able to make. Bella absolutely loves to train now. It is amazing to see that desire in her to obey our commands. R.J. has truly shown us an entirely different side to Bella that we did not know existed. R.J. gave each one of my family members quality one-on-one time. He showed us the mistakes we were making in handling her from a completely different perspective. His love and dedication for handling dogs was evident throughout our entire session. We received a tremendous amount of information from him in just one session, more than we did in all of our previous training classes combined. We learned that training a dog is no good if we do not know how to correctly handle the dog. I can assure you we will be back for another session, as soon as we have the fundamentals of dog handling perfected. I can honestly say, that I now look forward to coming home and working with Bella on a daily basis. My family and I sincerely appreciate all the work R.J. has done with Bella. We are in his debt for all the invaluable handling advice he has given to us all.


A. Aslam and Family

Author: Jill Pavel

GatorlandK9 Famous Dog Contest!!

on Thursday, 06 February 2014.

GatorlandK9 Launches social media contest.  Our service dog handlers submitted their favorite photos of their service dogs.  Friends and Followers will vote for their favorite dog, Contest ends on February 11th, our winners will be announced in our February 15th newsletter.

There will be several winners receiving "Heart Songs For Veterans" T-shirts and mugs.


Thank you to all of our friends and handlers who submitted photographs of their favorite GatorlandK9 Service Protection Dogs, German Shepherds!

 Author: Jill Pavel

Another Veterans has a Service Dog!

on Sunday, 19 January 2014. Posted in Veterans with PTSD

The Adventures of Josh and Hero!

Another day, Another week at GatorlandK9.   

After months of helping Veteran Josh Schutt raise funding to train and acquire his service do we are pleased to share that he has brought home "HERO" after being certified this past Friday January 17th.  

Veterans who live with PTSD need our help to continue to raise awareness of how a Service Dog can change their life for the better.  With Hero by his side we hope Josh Schutt's quality of life will improve each day as it has before for our other Veterans and their service dogs.

We are going to let these pictures tell the story of Josh and Hero's new life together.


Josh contacted GatorlandK9 and asked for their help. He and his wife Kirstie Jo were newly married and ready to start their new life together.  Josh was having a difficult time with his PTSD and after researching Service Dogs he contacted our organization.

Josh is a US Army Veteran living with PTSD & he wanted to acquire one of our German Shepherd service dogs.  Josh was connected with our Veteran Program Director Jill Pavel, who helped Josh raise funding through press, media, events and online fundraising platforms. Josh also hit the street running advocating for himself and asking his community and home town to help him raise funding. 

In five months we had raised $ 20,000.00 for this mission to move into it's next phase which was to bring Josh down to GatorlandK9 in Florida, meet his new service dog HERO and complete handler training so he and Hero could become certified.  

photo 3


We had parades, bike runs, auctions and more!

Without the help of many this would not be possible.  GatorlandK9 is working to put service dogs into the hands of as many Veterans as possible, we cannot do it alone!  Thank you to everyone who has supported our efforts.

Meet Hero who was our October 2013 Dog of the Month.



 Josh and Hero Bonding for the first time

photo 5

photo 7

photo 11

photo 10

josh hero1

photo 12

Josh and Hero

Off to work we go!! 

 Author: Jill Pavel

Happy New Year 2014!

on Monday, 06 January 2014. Posted in German Shepherds

Dear Friends,

We have a lot to be thankful for during the past year 2013.

We helped a few veterans acquire their service dogs.

lou and topeka

Veteran Lou and Topeka

james and kira

Ted Hoppe introducing Veteran James and Kira for the first time

mark naya shopping

Veteran Mark and Naya shopping


Veteran Josh Schutt will start his Service Dog Training 1.13.14 

We made the front page this year! >>

RJ Hoppe had an amazing trip to Europe, they were able to check in on the dogs and meet the new German Shepherd puppies that are in their new homes.

female puppy available

Our young client Josh is living happily with his Service Protection Dog Warrior. Josh was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has Warrior by his side to guide him through his daily life.

warrior and josh

Josh with his scout troop leaders and Warrior

RJ Hoppe received his certification for training in American Street Ring

rj and ted street ring

RJ & Ted Hoppe working with Tebow

Looking forward to making memories and changing lives in 2014.  We wish you and your family a successful, healthy and happy New Year! 

Author: Jill Pavel

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